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Christians I need your help explaining the Bible to an non-Christian friend

I'm trying to share the Gospel to a non-Christian friend. I told him that the proof of God was in the Bible. We are reading right now in Genesis and there’s a problem. In Genesis 1:11-12 God makes plants, herbs, fruit trees, and grass. That’s on the third day. But its then in the  verse 16 that God makes the sun, which is on the fourth day. So my friend who is an evolutionist has pointed out that plants can't survive without the sun. It has been proven through experiments that without light plants don't survive because they can't make their energy using photosynthesis.

Please help, how do I explain this? I'm afraid it just might not be the word of God, and I want to help the soul of my friend get saved by coming to Christ Jesus! Praise his name! but can't do it with this logic inconsistency. Please help me I want to be true and trust his word Praise Jesus!

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Commented By: Tina On: 10-05-2011

Well you need to understand it before you call others to this manipulated version of Bible. There is not one but many contradictions in the bible. Come to the original and only unchange book of God, the glorious Quran. You will have peace.
Commented By: carlos On: 10-05-2011

Perhaps you should really listen to your friend, and learn from him.
Commented By: Joe On: 16-08-2011

Just do not get too tecnical, just do good and listen to your inner soul that never lies, if you can master these simple things and have control over oneself to stop when you are doing bad that takes you closer to God.

How many times you have the guts to just speak the truth, when you know what the truth is, or say sorry and tell the truth.

A good person may have many difficulties throughout this life span, but is never unhappy, always peaceful.

Commented By: Maurog On: 18-06-2011

That's funny, I found all these in the Quran:

Perhaps both the Bible and Quran were manipulated.

Commented By: cyg On: 18-06-2011

Genesis 1:1-5 The sun was bright, but little visible light penetrated the thick fog. Verse 1:5 "And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night.” And so the Earth was revolving.
Vs. 5-8 God lifted the thick vapor off the sea. Heaven here means the first Heaven, or the atmosphere (the second being outer space, and the third is where God’s throne is). Since more light penetrated the clouds, the production of usable air could begin.
Vs. 9-13 Land appears which allowed the plants to grow using the available light to photosynthesize.
Vs. 14-18 The sky had cleared up enough to see the sun, moon, and stars, not that God had made some more celestial objects. The emphasis changes from noting Sol only, now mentioning that Sun, moon, and stars are to be used to mark days, months, seasons, and years, which we still do today - revolution and orbit. The two greater lights are those most notable from our perspective here on Earth. Also, the moon is said to be a lamp not because it produces light, but because it acts like a mirror. The Hebrews understood the use of reflected light.
Commented By: BENEDICT On: 21-06-2011

When you believe that when God sent forth His Word, the elements of Nature were created, and when God sent forth His Word the entire universe was created, why do you attempt to superimpose the insignificant brain of mankind over the Omnipotent God , that His creations could not survive for a day without Photosynthesis ? Does not our God have Powers to put things in their right perspective, until the entire Cycle of Creation was complete? Human wisdom is infinitely insignificant to question God's Omnipotent Wisdom in creation of every creature, every flower and every thing we see. Can man create one flower in the same texture with same fragrance and colours , what God has created ? And Lord Jesus says, " Look at the beauty of the flowers, and the life of the birds - You are more precious than these.Refer Gospel of  Mathew Chapter 6: verse26.
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