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Do you ever think that you shall die one day

Only for young girls and boys: Do you ever think that you shall die one day?

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Commented By: rudra On: 03-03-2011

Good pessimistic question. We think of dying at the slightest failure of love, career,humiliation etc. We encounter the death of danger by our daring activities while travelling, talking, being with friends and loved ones but the question is - do we think that we shall die one day?

The fear of death enters our mind when we are in childhood. As adolescents, we don't think abt death and start doing things out of emotion and fascination (riding a bike, swimming, climbing dangerous heights) When we are young and about to settle in life, we do have more liking for living long and at the same time indulge in risky things with some caution.

So the answer is: by the time we are young, we have full conscious about living long and enjoying life.

Commented By: gopi On: 03-03-2011

yes.. its inevitable ...

But thinking about our death... is just a waste of time.. and is frightening...

Meanwhile, let us hope tat our death is short and painless...

Hope so!

I dont want to struggle a lot and die! I need it to be quick and painless...

Commented By: deathless On: 06-07-2011

what is the use of thinking? u will die even if u are aware of it.. even if u keep thinking abt it..  forget abt dying and prepare for living..
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