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Documents opening prompts for credentials
We have a Sharepoint site for internal users. We use anonymous and windows authentication.

Everytime when users want to open a document from sharepoint he have to enter the user name and password.

After doing that 3 times the document opens.

Is there a solution where when opening a document doesn't ask for username and password.
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Commented By: Maruti Hattarkal On: 01-12-2011

If the site is anonymous and its in any site zone like internet, Local Intarnet, Trusted site, select that one . Under internet option -> Security -> Select the site zone where site exist.  make sure.

Select the Custom Level.

Under User authentication, select Anonymous access. This will definately work and will not ask for authentication prompt


Commented By: samantha On: 06-04-2010

Thanks to Sharepointexpert.

I added the site to tristed zone and the issue got resolved.
Commented By: sharepointexpert On: 22-03-2010

You can try below things.

1. Add the site to your trusted zone in Internet explorer.
2. Save your password by clicking on "Remmber my password"
3. From the Central Administration page for web application, disbale anonymous authentication.
4. Check if there is some custom image/code in the file that you are trying to open. There might me something in the file that needs authentication.

If none of above works, then please take fiddler logs and repro the issue. Analyse the logs and see if you get something on it.

Also taking netmon can help at the time of issue, but if you have SSL site, then netmon may not be helpful.
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