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Guess the two Women

Hey Guys.

Just look at the similarity below and see how one of them copy of other. Their dress as almost identical and they both are a celebrity. Both the women picture are different and come from same background. Can you guess them? I am pretty much sure you can?

Both the person are moved by million of people around the world but looking at them here is like saying they are one which of course they are not!! Take a guess who they are? Pls provide your answer in the comment below..

She is so good in Black and White.

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Commented By: humtum On: 26-07-2014

Que tal criar um super look para essa garota que combine justamente com a decoração do seu quarto multi colorido? Aproveite as opções a sua disposição para começar agora mesmo.
Commented By: HASSAAN On: 26-11-2016

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