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How to do bengali bridal makeup
I Need a step by step bridal makeup procedure for bengali bride. Support your answer with step by step makeover pics,if possible.
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Commented By: Yianna On: 07-06-2011

For perfect photos, apply foundation evenly. Use a long lasting matte finish and end with a dusting of pressed powder. Be sure to keep pressed powder handy for touch up; you don't want a shiny nose or forehead in your pictures! Remember to match powder to your foundation color. Be sure to blend it well along the jaw line.

Avoid heavy eyeliner - it'll only make your eyes look smaller. Pass on false eyelashes, too. They can cast a shadow beneath the eyes. Instead, accent the outer corner of eyes with black or gray eyeliner.

Choose bridal makeup that's on the understated side. Our best suggestion, select a professional makeup artist with experience in bridal photography.

Because skin tends to break out or look flushed after a facial, be sure to schedule your facial at least one week before your wedding.

To keep your hands soft, apply our rich non greasy Hand Crème before going to bed, then put on a pair of white cotton gloves. While you sleep, the gloves will hold in body heat and help the hand crème penetrate. In the morning, you hands will feel softer and smoother.


Check this good makeup pics

Commented By: durga deb On: 15-02-2012

hi....m durga deb


Commented By: triaha dey On: 18-12-2012

hi m skin tone is wil be very helpful if i can bw advised for a even skin tone..thank you
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