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I found $5 while on the road

While walking on the road today, I found $5. I picked it up thinking it might be of the person walking in front of me, but it was not his. So now I have the money with me and I don't want to keep it with me as it doesn't belong to me.

Please advice what should I do with this money.

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Commented By: Ranger Fan On: 04-03-2011

I see no reason not to consider the money yours. If you really don't want it there are countless things to do with it. Just a few suggestions: Buy a meal for a homeless person, Give it to a community resource center or Give it to a friend or relative in need.

Consider this found money a blessing and if you don't want or need the money, use it to bless someone else.

Commented By: Shaikh Haroon ur Rashid On: 07-03-2011

The money you found by chance on road is, in no way, yours. It is of someone else. If you are unable to figure out the real onwer, donate it to a charity, but don"t keep it with you. Your money is only that which you legally earn. May Allah Almighty guide and help you to choose the right oath.
Commented By: Prashant On: 26-02-2011

oh come on.... just drop it in any donation box....
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