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I slept with him and now he is ignoring me
We've been seeing each other for just over 4 months and I slept with him for the first time 3 days ago. I've only ever had sex once before and he knew this. The thing is the morning after he seemed really off with me, like he would barely look at me and seemed in a really bad mood. As we said goodbye he kissed me on the cheek and I said is everything okay because you seem weird with me and he said everything was fine.

Later he text saying thanks for coming over, and I replied saying sorry I got all awkward and embarrassed I was just really nervous (before we did it I freaked out a bit and after I went a bit quiet) and he said that's okay thought I'd done something wrong?

Anyway the next day I called him, he didn't answer then rang me back a couple of hours later and he was in a good mood and was completely fine with me. But the next day I didn't hear (yesterday) and still nothing yet today.

Do you think I should wait for him to get in touch or ring him and check everything's okay? Its not unusual to not hear from him for a day its just how he is, but I'm worried because is we slept together wouldn't he want to talk to me more?

Really don't know what to do/think?
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Commented By: Tia On: 10-06-2011

Most of the men are the same. the moment they are finish sleeping with girls, they tend to avoid them till they need sex again.

Commented By: tooney On: 10-06-2011

Challenge is over - its fun to sleep with the inexperienced, now to find a new play thing.

sorry this guy was a scumbag

Commented By: Cenky On: 10-06-2011

You shouldn't have slept with him. Guys lose interest as soon as they get a woman to bed unless they are married. There is a commitment there after all in marriage and its something serious.

I wouldn't be surprised if he dumps you. Thats the truth of the world honey. You'll get over it.

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