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I want my bf to stay overnite with me
I am 20 and my bf is 23 and we live in Toronto.
We've almost been together 2 years. We've been on two holidays with my parents. The most recent of which there was a chance we would've been sharing a bed (it ended up as two single beds when we got there). We spend loads of time at each others houses and he brings me back home quite late and my parents don't mind. My mum says she trusts me. and says she trusts him too. But if that was the case I wouldn't be so scared about asking.
We're going to a theme park tomorrow morning with some of my family. They're picking us up from mine at 9am. So it would actually be quite helpful if he stayed here. Staying here would just mean that we could both get more sleep - not stay up all night having sex. But the thought of saying that to my mum makes me cringe so that's out of the window. I don't see any reason for my mum to say no, cos I'm old enough to move out if I wanted to (I obviously don't want to, but that's not the point) so surely my boyfriend of almost 2 years should be allowed to stay. Hmm, please help.
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Commented By: Pippa On: 02-08-2011

Well you can tell your mother that if she really trust both of you let you and your bf sleep in the same room and tell her that you will not end up having sex with him and break her trust. If you think you can avoid sex with him, then only ask your mom or just avoid it.

Commented By: Jean On: 02-08-2011

Why would you be afraid to ask? Just ask. What do you expect without asking, that your mother is a psychic, reading your mind? Do note that your mother is a woman, who once was a girl of 16... If the answer is 'no', it is no.
You can sleep in different rooms, if that is the problem. He can stay on the couch, sleep with your brother, ..

Note that, as modern parents, we found it better that our children started with sex in a safe bed, with a partner we could trust, close by us. 16 is borderline, though - sexual education does not stop at 16. Your parents should talk to you and your partner, to see if you are really ready for sex (not a single reason to hurry) and to watch over safe contraception.

Commented By: Jessica Quinn On: 09-08-2011

Well there is nothig wrong in it. Just make sure you have fun.
Commented By: linda david On: 14-12-2018

You have forgotten your Hotmail password or something, this is not too bad. Click “Can’t access my account” in the password entry window.

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