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Is sex less pleasurable for the GIRL if you keep your foreskin up
My foreskins retracts easy, there's no issue. But sometimes I put a condom on before sex and purposely don't pull it back, simply as I can go about 50 times longer this way. Of course it's less pleasurable for me, but is it for the girl?

Some suggested it is as the nerve endings for both people should be touching, but there is very little logic in this, nerves are personal and don't "combine" with other peoples.
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Commented By: joesvinoth On: 04-03-2014

Commented By: sarah On: 29-12-2011

if your foreskin retracts easily, the your glands should be uncovered,isn't it?
I know that if the glans is uncovered the boy feels more pleasure, so it sounds weird to me that if your foreskin retracts you can go on longer... usually it's the opposite: you go shorter .__.

Anyway,since I am a girl, I don't think that her pleasure depends on your foreskin position.
It depends on if you're using the condom or not.
but if you use condom there is no difference between having your foreskin retractred or not!

Commented By: michealm On: 29-12-2011

doesnt that hurt you ? in any case the girl that youre making wild passionate love to , should give you positive feed back , like moaning and yelling and screaming youre name !

Commented By: udog On: 29-12-2011

Holy crap . . .

Look you been reading too many porn sites that desensitize you about what sex is all about . . .

It's not an endurance race or a marathon - 50 times longer is so backwards thinking - girls are no Seattle Slew and need to be ridden 1 1/2 miles to get to the finish line.

Actually they usually do not want intercourse itself to be more than 10 minutes.

If you spent 40 of those 50 minutes rubbing the girls clit and 10 minutes pumping your iron you may have had some good sex by most women's standards.

Actually most women think foreskin is disgusting as most men fail to was the penis thoroughly never mind their hands . . . but you have what you have -

Lets be honest here - the only pleasure - that we are talking about here - is yours.

A woman's vagina does not feel ribbed condoms or your foreskin at all so get over it . . .

There is no "combined" feelings - this is only in your head - fantasy and from your own penis.

By the way - while you read about this keep your hand off your penis . . .

Let's make a bet - I bet you cannot leave your hand off of your penis for 2 weeks without pumping it - I'll bet if you left it alone for 2 weeks and then had vaginal sex with a women (with a CONDOM ALWAYS) you will get as much pleasure or more in the first 2 minutes as you think you are having in 50 minutes.

Now that we are on to that topic lets be honest here - if you ar taking 50 minutes to finish during vaginal sex you have to finish it off manually - so what's point of having sex with a woman - other than some personal power trip - because if this is the thing that sends you over the top - leave woman out of it and spit in your left hand as your left hand will make you think someone else is doing it!

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