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My Suspicious wife

My wife is so suspicious and crazy that she does not like me talking to any woman. I have made it clear to her that I have the right to chat with anyone. My wife spies on me and has made up things in her mind that I am attracted to one of my childhood female pals. We keep on arguing over this.

 At one point, I put my wife on the phone to talk with this friend of mine and she went crazy and yelled at her. My friend told me she would not talk to me unless my wife apologised to her. I asked my wife to do that and she did. But I stopped talking to my friend as it became embarrassing for me.  How do I handle my crazy, jealous wife? Even when we go for a party, she feels I am eyeing the girls!

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Commented By: Rajasekaran On: 03-03-2012

you dont have any choice, either live with this devil or perish.
Commented By: Dustin On: 15-10-2011

Divorce that crazy bitch!

Commented By: Yogi On: 19-10-2011

I had similar problems with my wife, she used to accuse me of try to flirt and have affairs with overseas clients whom I have never even met. Any e-mail official or personal would be checked and I used to receive endless comments. She even used to get abusive verbal & physical with me and in fit of anger she used to call up collegues, clients and relatives in the middle of night. Endured it for 5 years and quit the marriage. 

Try to make her understand, but do not take abuse. It is not worth it. Try & go to marriage counselling and physiological evaluation would be my suggestion 

Commented By: Zulfi On: 25-11-2011

Involve her in any boy like you are talking to your childhood pal let her talk to any boy.. make adjustments in life..
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