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My wife earns more than me and dominates me

I am a married person 32 yrs old and my wife is 29 yrs. My problem is her dominating nature. We had a love marriage and we were colleagues at the same level. From last 3 years, her career has progressed a lot and she earns 5 times more than me. I have become naturally submissive to her and she just treat me like her servant sometimes.

She expects me to do all the household chores by myself, always be there at her beck and call, carry her purse around, and sometimes even scold me in front of our guests at home. Do not know what to do?? Pls help

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Commented By: RJ On: 07-07-2011

Take her to counseling - if she refuses do not live with her and do not allow yourself to be bullied as this will continue throughout your married lifetime. Call it quits before you have kids and mess up the situation even further. Good luck!

Commented By: Tiger On: 09-07-2011

kick on her ass, tell her to stay home and wht ever u earn should adjust. if she demand take divorce with her. if u don't dare u will end up like servant. 
Commented By: Raj On: 10-07-2011

Be a Man. Mard Ban. What if she earns more than you. She does not have the right to treat you this way. After all a lion is always a lion whether he hunts his prey or someone gets for him. If she boasts about her salary then dont use her money.
Be an independent man.
Dont ever surrender.
I'll tell u a story of a man who does not earn at all but dominates his working wife even though she is dominant in her nature.
It all depends on you my friend, how to treat your wife. Dont mistreat her but also dont get mistreated at the same time.

Rest all I leave it to You.

Commented By: iban perez On: 15-08-2011

be a great lover to her; that will reduce her to constantly pining for your love and dominion!
Commented By: Joe On: 16-08-2011

Since she is already your wife you cannot leave her if you love her, the worst punishment you can give her for her behaviour is ignore her, be calm, dont go out with her and keep to your self, I know its painful, if she can understand your agony she is yours or she never was.....
Commented By: paul smith On: 21-11-2011

You should be grateful to her and learn to anticipate her every need. You should offer to quit your job and become her live-at-home househusband who spends his life learning and striving to please her. You should thank her at least once a day for marrying You.

Commented By: paul smith On: 21-11-2011

Also, when she scolds you publicly, you should be supportive and tell her, "Thank you, dear. Yes dear."

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