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Sharepoint alerts not working
We have a MOSS 2007 production environment where we are trying to setup alerts on some lists. The problem is that the alerts are not being sent to the users. When a user sets up alerts on some site he gets the initial email saying that he has set up alerts for this site but then when changes to the site happen the user never receives any email. After some initial troubleshooting it was possible to see that the eventcache table seems to be correctly populated when new items are added or changed on the site and new records appear in this table with the eventdata not null. After the defined interval the event data will change to null so it seems that the alerts are being correctly triggered by SharePoint 2007. However no email arrives at the user.

This is very strange since the initial email is sent to the user. In the SharePoint logs no errors were detected us..Any pointer what to do next?
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Commented By: Kevin On: 07-06-2011

Also check this basic troubleshooting given by Microsoft Sharepoint Support team.

Commented By: sharepointexpert On: 17-03-2010

IF you have multiple WFE server then, First you need to check the Timerjob.

Check the Timerjob in the database and see what server is responsible for running the timerjob, and make sure that the IP of that server is allowed to relay mail from exchange server.

Ideally ask your Exchange server team to add all your WFE servers IP to allow relay.
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