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Western women with Muslim man
I am a western woman, the physical type alot of Muslim men are known to use for sex but I am a good woman. Not a whore at all. I am a good person, kind and caring. I am with a Muslim man who I respect and care alot for. He seems to not feel the same. He is using me physically and not for my soul. I am very upset about this.
 I know that I am committing a sin being with him in the eyes of your God as I am not Muslim and I do not feel good about it sometimes but I do love him and thats what counts to me. Who is the worst here? Him or me. He expects me to be good to him yet uses me and other western women too I think. What do you think? Dont rant at me that I am whore I am not. Who would Allah be most angry at?
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Commented By: lobna On: 10-02-2014

both of u r wrong ; he z not committed to islamic rules because he z dating a non muslin girl nd outside marriage institution . for u why didnt u tried to learn abt islam at first so u can be with him n get married ??????? So u have either to become muslim ( u r very welcome ) or let him go without committing any more sins 
Commented By: RJ On: 12-07-2011

Just get rid of the muslim guy here as he has no respect for you. He is using you and does not reciprocate your lovely feelings. Give respect and take respect - if he does not stand upto your deal, let him go.
Commented By: Mishray On: 23-05-2011

Stop this immediately. You both are sinners.
Commented By: Tina On: 23-05-2011

If you love him so much why not marry him and live with him. Why get use or use others for own benefits.

In current case both are doing wrong in the eyes of Allah. Ask for forgiveness and do not repeat such act again.

Allah is all forgiving and merciful.

Commented By: shems On: 23-05-2011

"I know we are both committing sin as we are not married."
So you are acknowledging your crime. You are consenting to a criminal to do the crime on you and with you! Both of you should be put in public place and ashamed so ever one could see. Why. Because you are both spreading immorality to the community. It is not only you selves any more it is what you doing spreading immorality to the other people. Have you heard some sick people saying ... "Ahh but every body doing it" And you are the one 'Every body"
"You is better you or him?" Right now , both of you are sinners!

Ahh... what do you mean "Your god"? "your God" as if there is more than one God. There is Only One Creator who has created the whole world and everything in it, and He is your God too. He created you.

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