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What is the future of this world? Any bright ideas?
Hi friends!

A few days back a marriage ceremony was going on at full swing in Afghanistan. Suddenly all laughter turned into cries and tears when American forces started bombardment on the innocent people. It is said in great bible, “If anyone slaps on your right cheek, don’t react badly just put your left cheek in front of that person”. When a religion teaches no harshness in reaction to any misbehavior, how can that religion allow its followers to kill innocent people for nothing? JESUS agreed to be hanged, just to save his followers from any sort of miseries, but HIS followers are killing and hanging people for nothing.
Neither of the religions teaches violence. If we look at Christianity, its messenger gave life to many dead people. Our great prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) gave the message of forgiveness and sacrifice to whole mankind. Hazrat MUSA(Moses) (A.S) taught truth to the people. When God has blessed his people with such serene religions then who are destroying the peace of this world? Day by day violence is increasing. Innocent people are killed while sleeping. People going out of their houses do not know whether they will come back in one piece or not. This situation makes me very upset and I keep on thinking what the future of this world is? What is your opinion about this - when this aggression will end? Or do you think that this aggression will EVER finish?
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