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Why Muslims are branded as terrorist
After watching My Name is Khan, I am force to ask people why all the Muslims are branded as terrorist? Just because of some Muslims who have nothing to do with Islam and indulge in act of violence for their own benefits, don't you think it is wrong to judge all the Muslims in same manner?

MINK gives us very simple and clear message, there is no place of violence in Islam. Islam says if you kill a innocent human being it is as if you have called whole of humanity.
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Commented By: halal On: 01-07-2011

Quran says if you save a human life, it is like you have saved the whole of humanity and if you kill innocence it is as if you have killed the complete humanity.

Due to some bad people west cannot blame the 1.6 billion of people and bad eggs are in every religion and society.

The irrational fear should be restricted to crime/evil and not against Islam and its followers. And, why only people in the west that are against ISLAM?

Commented By: rafbineye On: 07-03-2011

Simply because it is MUSLIM terrorists that are the most active, doing their deadly work in YOUR name, and in the name of YOUR god!
Commented By: roland On: 20-08-2011

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