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Why do west hate Islam
Why the western countries/people are so much against Islam?
Be it minaret of mosque, or burqa/veil of muslim women, or the reverend prophet of Islam. They seem to have problem with everything that is connected to Islam and Muslims. Why?

If something is good for western people, not necessary that it will be good for Islam as well.

And as following the rules of the countires you are in, will christians ask the nun to remove the headscarf in non-christian countries?

Islam has its own rules that cannot be broken and same with Jews/christians/hindu and has nothing to do with the rules of the states. And, it is in Christianity to give your other cheek if you are slap on other but in Islam for the day one it says, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose and a tooth for a tooth.

So whats the problem with it?
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Commented By: ISA ABDULLAH On: 03-09-2012

How i wish Christians will learn to leave their lives in accordance with  the teaching of  injil (bible ) as their Muslim counterpart do with their quran .
most of the Christians today hardly separate western culture from Christianity.

Commented By: rafbineye On: 07-03-2011

Your last sentence and paragraph indicates exactly how ostriche-like your mind is.  You KNOW thst Muslim fundamentalists are causing death and mayhem in the world, you KNOW that Muslims are currently killing their fellow Muslims more than anyone else or at any other time.  THAT is why Muslims are looked on with distrust and even hatred! Muslims have created the atmosphere where they are reviled and hated, and it is Muslim countries which still live in a Middle Ages frame of mind, with stoning and amputation and the subjugation of women. Open your eyes, and then DO SOMETHING to stop the fundamentalists killing in YOUR name, and in the name of YOUR god!
Commented By: Tina On: 07-09-2011

IslamPhobia is myth like the sword and spread of Islam. This is not something new, but due to diligent effort of media it is getting prime time view and attention of the people.

Wonder why we do not hear of American desturction of Japan ( read atomic bomb) or the Columbus and his man killing the millions of native Indians of America.

Islam has survived at the time of Prophet (PBUH) when he was alone and now had reach 1.5 billion hearts in this world. Constant venom against Islam is not going to help erase the hatred but on the contrary it will fire back.

Islam means peaceful submission to the will of one GOD, and there are black sheeps in every society, country and white house as well.

Commented By: Ravi On: 13-06-2011

@Sumit: Sumit, it seems that you are ignorant about the terrorist activities of Christians in south off India. Search the Web or visit, you will be enlightened and maybe it may change the course of your life.

Rest, why does west hate Islam? It is that west hates islam, but non-muslim world hates them. to no more, try to know what quran says. you will be horrified. i am sure you will never ever like to talk about islam.

Commented By: star On: 14-02-2011

Perhaps the question should also be raised: why do Islamic countries hate Christian countries.? I come from a non-Western country that sends thousands of workers to rich Islamic countries. Here, our young men and women have to contend with daily threats of molestation and abuse - the reason? because they are infidels and strangers in their rich countries. One can be arrested for possessing a bible and - have you ever heard of Christin churches rising in the sacred grounds of Saudi Arabia and the gulf states, - or hope to gain citizenship in these lands while remaining Christians?

These Western countries, on the other hand easily absorb thousands of migrants and refugees from Muslim countries. Here, they have hopes for citizenship, can build their own mosques. speak their own language and even wear burqahs in public. Moreover they can openly practice their religion without fear of being raided by the mutawas.

I'm not a Westerner, but if I were to choose, the Western countries are much more friendly compared to those under Islam.

Now, you know why
Commented By: robert On: 14-02-2011

11/9 has been used to vilify Islam in recent times.

And there is a huge amount of oil and gas under Islamic lands.

There are over 100 internationally recognised Christian terrorist groups.
There are two Baptist armies in India that are guilty of mass-murder, rape and forced conversions. There are the Christian Militias in Indonesia and of course The Lord`s Resistance Army in and around Uganda that uses it`s child soldiers to kill, rape and pillage all in the name of Christianity.
I could go on....

It is foolish to think that only Muslims are terrorists when it is quite obviously untrue.

Not so long ago a group called by the innocuous monicker `Concerned Christians` was actually thrown out of Israel for plotting bomb attacks.

Might I also add that there is a certain amount of evidence that US Evangelicals are funding most of the Christian terrorist groups. So be sure to ask where your money goes next time you donate to a Christian church.

Also most terrorist attacks in Europe have come from political organisations, not religious ones of late.

Commented By: sumit On: 23-03-2011

thereare no christion terroriest group in india . i am indian . all muslims are not bad  butmany muslim are terrorist .the main proplem in indiaand world  is muslim terror . its true my brother.
Commented By: anon On: 25-11-2012

I work at a muslim company in a western country. I am the only christian person that works there and I have been working there for over a year.
There are 2 sides to every story. From what I have seen, it seems that everybody "labels" a religion or a race of people based upon the actions of a few (or many) in some instances.
We need to move past all of this and think intelligently, deeply. We know that not all people truly represent what one person's actions have brought about. The people that instigate violence or hatred in any community need to be educated by scholars, from this we can learn to get along, work productively, live in peace and happiness and have Allah and God smile upon us. Our religious beliefs shape us, but our actions define us. 
I have read the Qu'ran , the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah. The similarities in all of these theologies is the teaching of Peace.
Who are we to judge others? Allah or God is the true judge of us all.
I would prefer not to leave my name in case anyone gets offended - I do not currently practice any religion, I have lost my way in life.
I wish for peace

Commented By: Peacefulgirl On: 30-06-2011

Allah watches everybody and He delays his punishment for certain period of time. All muslims should be patience and should take inspiration from the Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions and follow them on how they were going with diffcult times initially.

Finally we all know that Allah helped them with things they never imagine would be ever helpful and made them the best of nations among the people. As prophet said in his last sermon "Beware of Satan, for your safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things. "'s-Last-Sermon-177.html

These are small acts of satan and we should ask help of one Allah, the creator of heavens and earths.

Peace unto you All.

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