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Why is pork an evil in Islam
If it's so bad for you, then why are the top 5 countries with the highest life expectancy pork-eating countries?

1 Japan
2 Hong Kong
3 Iceland
4 Switzerland
5 Australia
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Commented By: Anthony Burrett On: 07-03-2011

Has anybody ever considered WHY a supreme being (god) would forbid the eating of pork? Or require his followers to be circumcised, or wear certain kinds of clothes? Is it not obvious that these are man made rules and conventions designed to mark out the followers of any given religion  from others?  That in itself is understandable and acceptable, but to then claim that these are GOD'S rules seems to me to be the height of absurdity. Why would gods, the way they are imagined or believed to be, concern themselves with such irrelevancies? 
Commented By: Tina On: 14-02-2011

Just to correct somebody above, It is banned not because Mohaamed (PBUH) said so. But it the All mighty ALLAH made pork, alcholoa *****/illegal.

And why pork is banned?

Short Answer: Because Allah has banned it for Muslims.

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