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Zahra Amir Ebrahimi scandal girl from Iran
Do you think that punishing her for her sex tape is justified? Remember she is an Adult individual and has all the rights to make her own decision and live her life as she likes. Lots of things have been said about Zahra Amir but poor girl is suffering just because her boyfriend made her sex tape public. What you think? Please respond.
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Commented By: Chris On: 03-06-2011

Zahra did nothing to get these punishment. We have so many Americans who makes such video and make huge money out of it.

I like Zahra's courage and boldness.


Commented By: Faraz On: 17-06-2011

Yea its his boyfriends fault. Women are equal
Commented By: faridi On: 18-03-2010

Instead of talking ill about Zahra, ppl should talk ill about her bfrd who did such an evil thing. Zahra must have trusted him for her life, and in return he betrayed her. All girls should get together and bash him up. After this incident will any girl trust her bfrd ever??
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