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girlfriend wants to have bigger breast
My girlfriend, both of us are 22 and have been together for 2 years, has gone from being quite shy and quite over the past couple of years to being uber confident and completely different to how she used to be. She dresses in sexy clothes (she has a gorgeous body) and her appearance is just different.

Following several weeks of acting distant from me, and not seeming herself, she has told me last night she is having a boob job at the start of July, and her new boobs will be much much bigger than they are now.

She's told me it is what she wants and has chosen to go big because she loves the fake look.

I'm pretty speachless about it all - am i right to be mega worried that her new boobs will change her even more? She has her mind set of having them done and told me she is aware of health effects. There's a big part of me thinking our relationship will not be the same.

Thanks for your thoughts. J
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Commented By: Ellie On: 21-02-2012

She's probably allready f**king your family so get her the hell out of your life :-)
Commented By: sonic On: 27-05-2011

To be honest and this is not the answer you want I know ,but it seems like this girl hade low self esteem before you got with her and now she has gained self esteem from being with you and has completely over did it to where she thinks she is the sexiest girl ever except it sounds like she now has a problem with how small her breast are and wants to get them even bigger to attract more man to her to give her even more attention. So she is either over you and dose not want to be with you very much longer because she thinks she can do better now and thinks this boob job with draw more man to her or she is just one of those woman who loves to still every bite of attention from every man in any room. Either one is a bad thing in my opinion but it is totally up to you if you want to deal with all the worry, stress and heartache this will bring to you. I hope for your sake that I am wrong and that this helps you in some way. Good luck.

Commented By: ken On: 27-05-2011

She clearly knows exactly what she is doing by chosing to have a 'big' boob job - she's doing it for a reason and that reason isnt you.

How big is she going up to? When people mention big fake boobs the immediate picture is porn stars, and even if she had any plans to try for topless modelling the boob job would pigoen hole her into the porn category.

Not looking good for you i'm sorry to say :(

Commented By: Jones On: 27-05-2011

To be truthful with you OP its not looking good for you. Massive fake boobs attract attention from a certain type of man - that's true. She knows this and she knows by going up to a big size it will give her the 'look' that will have these men drooling over her.

You already admit she has changed over the past two yrs and maybe the new big boobs are the next part in her transformation?

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