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Emirates a new name in cheating

I am sharing this so that people are aware that Emirates does not care about their customer. Before booking the ticket Emirates confirmed that once I book the ticket from Hyderabad to Seattle I will be provided the STPC, but after booking they refuse to provide it. For people who does not know about STPC, it is visa on arrival and hotel stay in Dubai if your connecting flight at Dubai is more than 8 hrs.

Below is the reply from Emirates to my email that I wrote to CEO

After several calls to customer care and writing to Emirates CEO, this is what I get from Emirates. And I am a frequent corporate flyer. I will never fly Emirates again. They just lost me as their customer and will make sure will spread the words on all the social media exposing them.

Thank you for your email dated 15 January 2015, addressed to our President Emirates Airline, on whose behalf I am responding.


I am concerned to learn of your disappointment regarding the complimentary hotel accommodation in Dubai (STPC), for your scheduled travel on EK527, from Hyderabad to Dubai, on 24 January and EK229, from Dubai to Seattle, on 25 January.


Having reviewed your booking reference number, EI23IS, I am now in a position to respond.


The booking history reflects that you have made a reservation and issued tickets through your travel agent for the route: Hyderabad/Dubai/Seattle/Los Angeles/Dubai/Hyderabad, with the Seattle to Los Angeles sector of your travel on Alaskan Airlines Inc.


I note from your message that you are looking at a complimentary hotel accommodation in Dubai for your travel as mentioned above.


Mr Flyer, may I respectfully inform you that Emirates does offer complimentary hotel accommodations (STPC) on account of long durations in transit. However, one of the requirements to avail this facility is that your reservation must be booked on the best available connection with the shortest transit time in Dubai, taking into consideration all flights from your boarding point and arrival point, on the specified date of travel. 


As there are connecting flights available from Hyderabad, to your Seattle flight, regrettably, we will not be able to offer the complimentary hotel accommodation in Dubai to you.


May I also take this opportunity to inform you that Dubai airport also has facilities where passengers may avail hotel rooms at Dubai International Hotel (inside the Airport) or stay at the Marhaba Lounge at their own cost. We do have waiting areas at the Concourse where passengers may stay while waiting for the departure flight.


Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and for allowing me to respond. We value your support and look forward to welcoming you on-board our flights again soon.


Yours sincerely,



Khushnuma Bhappoo

Customer Affairs Manager [India]


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