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Forgive me for my sins
To day it is lamost 14 years since my grand father passed away, and I miss him so much still. It seems it was just yesterday, when he use to take me for namaz on his cycle and teach me things about life.

Today when I am so alone and depress, I feel he was alive and with me to guide me. May Allah bless him and give him jannat. Ameen! I remember my grand father always use to tell me, Son, Life in all its glory and hardship is worth living. And I use to ask him, why so? He told me, a) so that you can ask for forgiveness for your deeds to Almighty, and, b) you can take care of your parents.

There is something about grand parents and parents that can be never replaced with anything in this world. They go through all the hardships to see you smiling. They sacrifice their happiness so that we can have good life in this world. They teach you Quran, so that we are not ruined on the Day of Judgment. On every steps of our life they are with us, guiding us to the right path. For them, our happiness is the foremost thing and they take every effort to make our life beautiful. But still we make them unhappy for others. For people who can never understand you.

And today, when I look back in past few years of life, I find myself hopelessly bad son. May Allah forgive me. I wonder why I did what I did in the past few years of life for people and things who/which were not meant for me anytime. Why did I trust others more then my parents? Why did I believe each and every word told to me by others more then my parents? Some people are so selfish! Parents can never be selfish when it comes to their children, at least not mine.

I pray to Allah and ask my parents to forgive me and bless me so that I am on the right path.

A man came to the Prophet and asked him for permission to join a military expedition. The Prophet asked him if he had a mother, and when he replied that he had, he said, "Stay with her, for Paradise is at her feet." (Ahmad)

Abu Huraira reported Prophet Muhammad as saying: Let him be humbled into dust; let him be humbled into dust. It was said: God's Messenger, who is he? He said: He who sees either of his parents during their old age or he sees both of them, but he does not enter Paradise (because he has been undutiful to them). (Muslim)
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