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Lawyer Calling for Airtel Disputed Payment

I have been using the Airtel broadband connection in Bangalore since May 2012. In the month of March, 2013 I shifted my house to a different locality and called the Airtel customer care to transfer the Airtel Broadband connection to my new home. The executive told me that they will do the feasibility check at my new home and move the connection. However, after two days they informed me that there is no port available for new connection at my new location. So I told them to disconnect the service.

After this I went out of station and when I came back they still kept on sending me bills. This continued for two months. And once again I called their customer care and told them that I had already put in the request for cancellation two months back. And this time they disconnected it but asked me to pay for the two months. I told them that I have not been using the connection since the first time I asked them to disconnect the service. I told them to check the broadband usage and they agreed that there is no usage during the last two months.

Come  June-August 2013, I started getting several calls again for the payment of two months i.e Rs ~2733.81 Once again I had to explained them my case from day one and finally  after writing several emails to I got an email from Ujjal Bora, airtel presence (airtel customer service team) asking me to pay Rs. 557.47. I choose not to pay as I had never use their connection and this is confirmed by Airtel customer service by checking my usage during the disputed period.

Now, today 5th Oct 2013 I got a call from a lady name Tripthi claiming to be a lawyer from Delhi and asking me to pay the money instantly or she will go ahead and issue a summon. Even after my consistently asking why Delhi court and not in Bangalore court as my connection was in Bangalore she refused to answer me. I ask the case number and details regarding the case she again didn’t provide me any specifics. She even refuse to send me SMS related to case saying she is not authorize to send SMS! All she kept saying is pay the money or you will be ask to appear before Delhi court.

Just to verify if she is what she is claiming to be I asked where I need to pay the amount she within 2 minutes gave me all the Airtel Store addresses in Bangalore and kept on calling me every 30 minutes to check on the payment. She also insisted to use my credit or debit card for the payment and not to pay in cash.

I have till now not paid the amount as I believe this is just fake caller from Airtel or their vendor to extort money from their customer. I explored online for similar issue and found lot of people getting such calls from Airtel claiming to be lawyer from Delhi Court. One such instance is here Here this person even recorded the conversation with so called lawyer and police officer.

I just want to be inform people to be careful of Airtel before availing their service. Please do share this with your friends and family. I am surely going to share this on people on facebook, twitter and other social media.

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Commented By: Raghu On: 01-05-2014

the same thing happened with me too, i went to airtel store for broadband connection and they had given me 7.2 MBPS saying 7.2 is active in my place where only 3.1 Mbps was active. after couple of months when i didnt get the said speed, i refused to pay the bill. and they charged every month. just like you i got a call from Delhi saying i need to pay orelse i hav to attend court. i said im out of station will do it next day, but he forced to pay right away. i simply said f*** **f... no more calls 
Commented By: Grace On: 05-10-2018

Oh my! Thank you for sharing the experience email login and help me know this problem. 
Commented By: Sowmya On: 06-10-2013

You should file police complaint against this people.
Commented By: Manoj On: 07-10-2013

Shocking! Shocking! SHOCKING!! Is this the level of decay Airtel has reach. No way to treat your customer like this.  I am with you and I am using Airtel Service but now will start for looking another ISP in my region.

Thanks for bringing this up and educating the users.

Commented By: Tom Aaron On: 07-10-2013

Which country is this? Definitely not USA. I would definitely call 911 if I got such callers calling me on my phone.
Commented By: Kum On: 07-10-2013

These calls are by collection/recovery agents. You would have noted it from thread suggested by you, also;

 There are visitors those who have suggested that Airtel co operated confirmed it was some DSA.

However Airtel is responsible for its DSA and must inform in writing by letter (preferably thru redg. post) that it has handed over the matter to DSA and mention full address of DSA.

 The Telecom companies/Internet service providers claim that as per form filled at time of issuance of connection the jurisdiction of courts is stated in the form ( copy of form should be kept by customer) or redg. office of the company is at …………………say Delhi and company shall file for recovery?proeedings under Section7B................... at Delhi.

Customer should always issue instructions to company in writing under acknowledgment.

The guidelines are issued by TRAI.

TRAI has issued guidelines that all offices of the company including Point of Sales should accept written complaints/instructions of customers and issue complaint/transaction id/request number on the spot.

The bills should be generated on pro rated basis till the date of disconnection and security should be adjusted in bill on the spot.

You may go thru TRAI website.

You may also record the calls……………..ask the calling person to speak his/her phone number from which he/she has called……………full designation…………… of company (decline to accept on behalf of Airtel)……………….ask to speak it is collection/recovery agency and name of agency……………………..full address…………………name/designation/phone number/address of Airtel official to which this agency reports…………………….

If you fell that some one is impersonating as Court staff/Police staff/ Airtel staff lodge a complaint at nearest police station and visit nearest Airtel RO (regional Office) with crowd of well wishers, submit a written complaint (under acknowledgment and with complaint number) and demand reply in writing by redg. post  and along with ownership detail of phone numbers of callers and other details as discussed.

Commented By: Sunil Venugopal On: 10-10-2013

Don't let them threaten you. Spread these words around and expose these cheats. They cannot make such calls to their customer.
Commented By: aman On: 10-11-2013


Finally they waived off the disputed amount after reading my above blog/post. Below is the communication email from Airtel Presence

On Thu, 07 Nov 2013 10:36:16 +0530  wrote



This is with reference to your e-mail dated 6th October 2013, wherein;
you highlighted a concern regarding billing discrepancy against the charges
levied due to delay in disconnection of services against your airtel broadband
connection number 700xxxxxx.


airtel regrets the inconvenience you have experienced.


We would like to inform you that; we have processed a credit adjustment
for Rs. 557.47 on 6th November 2013, against rental charges levied on the
above mentioned airtel account number.


Further; please be informed that, services against the airtel account in
question have been disconnected with effect from 20th June 2013, and subsequently;
there is no outstanding amount reflecting against your above mentioned
airtel account.


For any further queries, you may get in touch with us at


airtel appreciates your business and always welcomes your suggestions/feedback.


Your’s sincerely,


Rahul Kumar

airtel presence (airtel customer service team)

bharti airtel limited

Commented By: Abhimanyu On: 12-10-2013

I had similar experience with Airtel. I told them that I am filing a police complaint and went to the police station. The police office called them and asked them to stop this or he will take action against this caller after filing complaint. Since then the call stopped.

Commented By: Anna Shetty On: 16-10-2019

I thought it was better if you shared it, I found it, thank you for your information, run 3
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