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Movie Review of Jodha Akbar
What do you expect when you have a big director, a huge production house, a great music director, superstar actors; coming together to present a small part of one of the greatest emperor of India in Jhooda Akbar? And what you get after 3 1/2 hours of drama is a wrong presentation of great Akbar's character. Agreed Ashutosh never claims it to be a authentic love story of Akbar and Jhodaa but at least he should have taken the authenticity of Akbar and his life that everyone is aware of.  Ashutosh's Jhooda Akbar to me is nothing but misrepresentation of fact about lifetime of Akbar and his wife.

You will not find any instances in books or in films where the great Emperor is so helpless. This is the weakest portrayal of Akbar that you will ever find. How is it possible to believe that an emperor who ruled almost 80% of people in this part of the world could be so weak in managing his own life? At times you feel pity for Akbar. I feel Ashutosh could have done lot better in portraying Akbar.

Rest of the cast have done good job. But considering the status of individual involved in making of this movie, Jhooda Akbar leaves bad impression of historical facts on you..
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