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Rahul Mahajan defends dimpy in bikini
Rahul Mahajan has rushed to the defence of his new bride Dimpy, whose bikini-clad item girl days were revealed by a tabloid after their televised marriage this week.

“All these big stars who sport bikinis or kiss on screen are paid in crores, and get called classy. I don’t see any reason to make a hue and cry about Dimpy’s bikini shoots,” says the star of reality show Rahul Dulhania Le Jayega.

HT City has found pictures of a bikini clad Dimpy smouldering into the camera. The tabloid said she was known for her bold scenes and a ‘hot number’ in the Bangla film Hello Memsaheb.

“She has told me everything about her past… it’s behind her now,” Mahajan says. “I don’t like people raising questions about my wife. She is my wife now and people should learn to respect her as Mrs Mahajan. I know who she is and I am proud of her.”

Mahajan adds that such reports were designed to malign his image. “I am used to such rumours, and they have stopped affecting me since I have gone through worse. First people spread rumours about me not getting married and now they are trying to portray it in a negative light,” he says, “We are happily married, so please just stop talking about my wife and leave us alone.”

Producer of Hello Memsaheb, Arijit Biswas, says Dimpy has a bold and go-getting attitude. “She is quite free in front of the camera. Her camera-friendly attitude will surely take her places,” he says.

Source: Hindustan Times.
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