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Railway Budget 2012-13 Highlights

The following are the highlights of the Rail Budget for 2012-13 presented in Lok Sabha by Dinesh Trivedi:

* Electrification to be undertaken over 6,500 km at an allocation of Rs 8,000 crore during 12th Plan.

* Conversion from DC to AC power supply completed in Western Railway corridor of Mumbai suburban rail system; conversion of Central Railway corridor to be completed in 2012-13.

* Elevated corridor from Churchgate to Virar in Mumbai being firmed up.

* Government should consider dividend payback to railways.

* Thirty-one projects over 5,000 km being implemented with state govenments sharing costs.

* Capacity augmentation to get Rs 4,410 crore during 2012-13.

* Eighty-five new line projects to be taken up during 2012-13.

* One hundred and fourteen new line surveys to be undertaken during 2012-13.

* New line projects to get Rs 6,870 crore in 2012-13.

* Gauge conversion to be undertaken over 800 km with an allocation of Rs 1,950 crore.

* Focus during next five years on five areas: tracks, bridges, signalling, rolling stock and stations.

* Signalling to be improved over 19,000 km.

* Investment of Rs 1.70 lakh crore on rolling stock in next five years.

* Attempt to increase train speeds to 160 kmph; journey time from New Delhi to Kolkata can be brought down to 14 hours from 17 hours.

* Improvements to railway stations can provide employment to 50,000 people.

* Outlay of Rs.60,100 crore during 2012-13, the highest ever.

* Railways will require Rs 14 lakh crore in the next 10 years for modernisation.

* Aim to bring down operating ratio from 90 percent to 84.9% in 2012-13 and to 72% by 2016-17.

* Time has come for formulating national policy for railways on the lines of that for defence and external affairs.

* Railways should grow at 10% annually for sustained GDP growth.

* Railways to invest Rs 7.35 lakh crore during 12th Five Year Plan period (2012-17), a quantum jump from the Rs 1.92 lakh crore invested in previous plan period.

* Railways must attract 10% of the Rs 20 lakh crore government expects to spend on infrastructure during 12th Plan.

* Railways expect gross budgetary support of Rs 2.5 lakh crore during 12th Plan.

* Collective challenge to formulate viable funding mechanism for modernisation.

* Railways should contribute 2 percent of GDP from the present 1%.

* Stress on strengthening safety. Has to be be benchmarked with the best in the world.

* Target of reducing accidents from 0.55 to 0.17 has been met.

* Special purpose vehicle to be set up on safety protocols.

* Independent railway safety authority to be set up as statutory safety body.

* Investment of Rs 5.60 lakh crore required for modernisation.

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