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Reply to Saad for his account ban on Facebook.
Facebook is not and SHOULD NOT be responsible for people saying things that offend you or are “not welcome in your home”. This is a very slippery slope. If every medium of communication is forced to remove everything some group finds offensive, then soon we will turn the world into a place where no one can say anything. Hence, it is important to draw a clear, crisp guideline of what is acceptable and what is not. The United States law defines this line as ‘hate speech’. If you are not happy with my “morning newspaper” definitions of hate speech, please refer to any other definitions that you can find.

Comparing US war on Iraq/Afghanistan, or Pakistani government killings of locals to Hitler is extremely naïve. I don’t want to compare numbers because every single life is important. Otherwise I’d point to statistics showing that the number of deaths caused by these sources is not even 1% of the targeted killings of Jews carried out by Hitler. The real reason why they are not the same is that they are not targeted killings based on elimination of a particular religious group. They are acts of war (justified or not) against a political entity, and are wars with goals. The US would be happy to capture Osama, and Taliban leaders, and try them in court if they could. Same for Pakistan. Pakistan stopped the offensives, once they drove the insurgents out of Swat, and will hopefully do so when they achieve their objectives of security and safety in other regions. Hitler on the other hand, wasn’t satisfied with just arresting ‘specific jews’ or ‘jews that cause harm’. He wanted to eradicate jews and did so through his concentration camps.

I really don’t wish to start a history lesson here.

If you can’t appreciate the difference between promoting an ideology that believes in killing people based on an ethnicity, and satire that ‘offends’ you, then there is little I can do to convince you. I’m sure it makes me a ‘lesser’ Muslim that I am here defending Facebooks actions. May Allah forgive me for my transgressions.

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