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Review of My Name is Khan
At last today my friends and I went to see My Name is Khan after so much of hype around the release of the movie.

And what we saw was really outstanding subject with great acting by Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. More then the perfomance of this two brilliant actors it was Karan Johar's direction that stands out. Till now Karan Johar has directed mindless love stories but with My Name is Khan, he has proved to everyone that there is more to him then making college and family love stories. Hats off to Karan. At no point in time you are made to feel that this is the same Karan Johar who has given hits like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gham.

The story is about Shah Rukh Khan's constant desire to show to the world that though he is a Muslim, he is not a terrorist. It is very common belief of people that all Muslims are terror maniac after the attacks of 9/11 in USA.

You need to watch the movie to see how Shah Rukh has acted the role of Rizwan Khan with so much ease. He is the soul of MY NAME IS KHAN. Never before I have seen Shah Rukh get into the skin of the character as he did in this movie. It might have been very difficult for him to control his natural mannerism to get into the shoes of Rizwan Khan, a person born with autism. But SRK seems to be man possesed. He wanted to prove to his critics that he is just not a superstar but also capable of delivering a heart rending performance if the role demands. And he just did that in My Name is Khan.

Talking of Kajol, I wonder if there is any other actress in bollywood who can match up with Shah Rukh when it comes to screen presence and charisma. She has played her part like a veteran and with ease.

A must watch for people who likes SRK and must must watch for people who dislikes Shah Rukh. Go and watch SRK rule the silver screen.
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