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Tata docomo - False promises for money
in Internet by JK
To the Tata docomo team

I am writing to you in hope that you will provide me resolution to my broadband connection number 022148XXXX

Below are the details of how I was provided wrong commitment by TATA Docomo sales executive.

Year 2015:
I applied for new connection and had some questions for the sale executive before taking the new connection.

Question A: I intermittently stay at Mumbai; hence I would like to put the connection on hold (safe custody) when I am out of Mumbai.

Answer from Sale: Yes, you can do it multiple time and whenever you request it, the account will be put into safe custody free of charge.

Question B: Will there be any charges for putting it on safe custody and reactivation?

Answer from Sale: No, it’s free of any charges
As it above was committed to me as per my request, I took the connection paying required fees to TATA Docomo.

After Two months:
I called TATA Docomo support to put my connection to safe custody, and they refuse saying that it can be only done for accounts that are active for 6 months. I repeated to them what was committed to me by the sale team but they refused to take any action on my account.

I left it at that point after speaking to sale person again.

Year 2016 – Feb
I called the customer care again to put my connection on hold for few months as I am traveling out of the city.

The customer care replied to me with something that was never communicated to me by sale team

Customer executive told me:
1.    You can put connection on safe custody only once in year
2.    There are charges of 75 rupees for the same

Now, this is cheating your customer just to get new accounts by your sale team. I had other options for my broadband connection (My building has 179 homes) but I went with TATA Docomo only because I was told that you can put your account into safe custody anytime, from anywhere, n number of times in a year and without paying any extra fees.

I want the commitment made to me by sale executive to be followed and implemented as I am frequent traveler out of Mumbai and need connection only from time to time.

Hope you will get this done as per the commitment made to me.


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Commented By: Bella On: 26-02-2019

Thank you, I'm glad to find the post, it's very helpful for me outlook email login
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