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The best team ever in cricket
When we talk of cricket, the first thing that comes to mind is the team effort. Since the time cricket is played we had great individual players like Don Bradman, Sobers, Botham, Richards Lara, Sachin to name few of them. And when we talk of great team we talk of the great West Indians side of 70-80s with players like Greenidge, Clive Lyod, Richard, Malcom Marshall, Holding, Garner in it. They were such a terror that seldom team playing against them showed a fighthing spirit. This West Indian team dominated World Cricket for more then 10-13 years winning almost everything that came in their way.

Now we have the current Australian team with Ricky Ponting, Clarke, Hussy, Lee and previously Steve Waugh, Shane Warne, Mcgrath breaking all the winning records that exists. There is always an argument as to which team deserves the title of Best Ever team to ever walk on cricket field! Is it the Aussies since the time of Mark Taylor and now under Ricky Ponting or is it the great West Indian team of Clive Llyod and Viv Richards? Well when it comes to my views I feel the Steve Waugh's team is one that can claim to be the best ever without any argument. The Current Aussies team still needs to do lot of work to come closer to their earlier counterpartsYour views and comments is what I am looking forward to.
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