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To my best friend
Dear friend,

Foremost of all I am extremely repentant for my behavior last Saturday. I don’t know what made me to act in such impolite way; I guess I was not myself, you know how much I like you.

Friend, I waited all this years in hope that one day I will surely get a chance to talk to you and be with you. But when I finally got the chance to be with you, I just messed up the whole thing. But the moment you left I realized, in truth, that you are the only person who can make me happy. Believe me ever since that day of the week I have lost my peace of mind, I am not able to concentrate on anything, every second I feel ashamed of my behavior. I know you have a dignified soul, with no place for anger, despite all the sorrow and pain I’ve inflicted upon you, for which I remorse and punish myself. I’m aware of the extent of my mistake, but I trust you have a big heart and soul. . And I honestly wish you could give me another chance, one last chance to make you feel happy.

So, I beg for your forgiveness and I hope you’ll find in your heart the ability to grant me that request.

Friend, I still remember the day when I saw you for the first time, you looked so beautiful and arrogant, but at the same time nice and personable. In you, I find a second self. I bet you are a great friend to a lot of people.

Today the decision will be solely yours. I don’t want to force something on you that you are not happy with. If you feel that my blunder is so big and can’t be forgiven by you I will still reverence you and like you as before for eternity.

I don’t know whether you will talk to me again ever again, but please remember I care for you a lot.

I’m sad and, at the same time, mad at myself for having been so stupid. Please forgive me.

Yours truly,
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