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Upcoming girl models of 2012
Zoë Kravitz: The daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonnet (Bill Cosby’s daughter in The Cosby Show) has started creating some buzz of her own. Already 20, Zoe had a recurring role on Californication and co-starred in X-Men: First Class as Angel Salvadore. If you need any more proof that she’s going to be a star, wait until 2012 when she films Fury Road, the sequel to Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.

Victoria Justice: If you haven’t heard of Victoria, it’s likely because she turned 18 this year and is mainly associated with Nickelodeon. She’s got her own show Victorious right now, but I feel like she can only be on Nick for so long. Hopefully, the now grown-up actress joins a show we can all watch without feeling somewhat dirty.

Tamsin Egerton: Tamsin jumped around a few made-for-television movies until she landed the Camelot series where she plays Guinevere. IMDB doesn’t list any of her upcoming projects, but it should be noted that this girl is straight up gorgeous. A sexy Brit can always go far in Hollywood. This Made Marion should be on your radar.

Tamiris Freitas: Tamiris Freitas is a Brazilian model coming off of a hot year in 2010. She was a SI Swimsuit model for the first time ever, then modeled for Armani Exchange, GQ, Glamour, and Vogue shoots. All that’s really needed for her to get bigger is you remembering her name so you can Google Image search with the lights off

Shannan Click: I figure you can only be in so many Victoria’s Secret Shows in a row before you become well-known. Considering that she’s been in the last three, I figure that this year has to be hers. Yes, she’s done some big gigs already, but she’s not a house-hold name. Yet.

Kaya Scoledario: Kaya stepped into a pretty epic role when she landed the role of Effy Stonem on the British series Skins with no previous acting experience. Now that the show is over for her, though, Kaya has been working hard on her film career. 2012 sees her working on four films, all of which are great excuses to watch her.

Ali Lohan: This Lohan is going the distance because she doesn’t want to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Not that it didn’t work for Lindsay (because we love her), but Ali has chosen to go the legitimate modeling route. She just signed a long-term contract with NEXT, one of the premiere modeling agencies. She’ll be the next Lohan to hit it big, for sure.

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