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Got 500 Gb Seagate external HDD
My old PC was running short of free space as my sister stored lot of Hindia songs on it.

To get more free space and move her songs to external hard drive we purchased black color 500GB Seagate USB powered external hard drive for 4800 rupees from our hardware vendor.

Now will move all the songs to this drive and free up some space on my computer hard disk. :)
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Commented By: Prashant On: 08-03-2010

i think 4800 for a 500GB is costly. did u check the cost of 1TB external hard disk?
Commented By: akram On: 16-03-2010

I checked the 1TB but it was coming with external power and I wanted something with usb powered. so i went fo rhtat. Now one of my friend told me that even 1 TB is available with usb powered
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