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Original mere rashk-e-qamar Lyrics and transalation

Great song by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The original lyrics is by Fana Buland Shehr. I have tried to translate this amazing song both in English and Urdu. Please leave your comment

mere rashk-e-qamar tu ne pehli nazar, jab nazar se milaaii maza aa gaya

O my envy of the moon, when your eyes first met mine, I was overjoyed

barq si gir gaii kaam hi kar gaii, aag aisi lagaaii maza aa gaya

Lightning struck and destroyed me; you ignited such a fire that it made me ecstatic

jaam mein ghol kar husn ki mastiyaan, chaandni muskuraaii maza aa gaya

Mixing beauty’s mischief into my drink, the moonlight smiled – how enjoyable!

chaand ke saaey mein ae mere saaqiya, tu ne aisi pilaaii maza aa gaya

In the moon’s shadow, O my cup-bearer, you made me drink such a wine that I was ecstatic

nasha sheeshe mein angraaii lene laga, bazm-e-rindaan mein saaghar khanakne lage

Intoxication spread through the bottle, and goblets clinked in the party of debauchees

maikade pe barasne lagiin mastiyaan, jab ghata ghir ke chaaii maza aa gaya

Mischief descended upon the tavern, and when storm clouds poured down, I was overjoyed

behijaabana woh saamne aa gae, aur jawaani jawaani se takra gaii

Unveiled, she came before me, and her youthful splendor collided with mine

aankh un ki lari yuun meri aankh se, dekh kar yeh laraaii maza aa gaya

Her eyes clashed with mine in such a way that seeing this fight made me joyful

aankh mein thi hayaa har mulaaqaat par, surkh aariz hue wasl ki baat par

Modesty was in her eyes every time we met; her cheeks blushed red when I spoke of our union

us ne sharma ke mere sawaalaat pe, aise gardan jhukaaii maza aa gaya

Embarrassed by my questions, she lowered her head in such a way that I was delighted

shaikh saahib ka eemaan mit hi gaya, dekh kar husn-e-saaqi pighal hi gaya

The shaikh’s faith was obliterated; upon seeing the cup-bearer’s beauty, it melted away

aaj se pehle ye kitne maghroor the, lut gaii paarsaaii maza aa gaya

Before today, how proud he was; now his piety has been lost – how enjoyable!

ae Fana shukar hai aaj baad-e-fana, us ne rakhli mere pyaar ki aabroo

O Fana, today I am grateful that after my demise, she has maintained the honor of my love

apne haathon se us ne meri qabar par, chaadar-e-gul charhaaii maza aa gaya

With her own hands, she spread a sheet of flowers on my grave – how delightful!

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