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How to send email using Telnet

Requirement: How to test or send mail using Telnet.


1.       Click Start, click Run, type cmd in the Open box, and then click OK.

2.       Type telnet 25

3.       Type EHLO If the command is successful, you receive the 250 Ok message

  1. Type the following command to tell the receiving SMTP server who the message is from:


5         Type the following command with the SMTP address of the person you want to send to:

RCPT TO: User@xyz.Com

6         Type the following command to tell the SMTP server that you are ready to send data:


7         Type the following command to add a subject line:

Subject: test message

8         Type the following command to add message body text:

This is a test message.

9         Type a period (.) at the next blank line, and then press ENTER. You receive the following response

250 Ok

10     Close the connection by typing the following command:



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