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How to upgrade Nintex Workflow 2010

I recently upraded the Nintex Worlflow 2010 on my environment. I followed below steps and upgrade was sucesfull.

  1. Login to the server as a SharePoint administrator with sufficient privileges to deploy solutions and features. Navigate to Add/Remove programs on the server hosting Nintex Workflow 2007 and remove Nintex Workflow (this does not affect the product's functionality). Note: DO NOT RETRACT the Nintex Workflow SOLUTION via SharePoint administration. It is not required, and will disrupt users currently using the product.
  2. Now double click and install the new MSI, choosing „Yes? when prompted to add the solution now. The installer will attempt to upgrade the solution in SharePoint.

3. After installation you will be directed to the SharePoint solution management page. Refresh the page until the solution is listed as "Deployed".

If the page lists the solution as "Deploying" with a timestamp, refresh the page until the solutions is listed as "Deployed". If the page says "Service Unavailable", then IIS is restarting. Refresh the page until it displays.

4. In some cases the Nintex Workflow 2010 solution may appear with an Error next to it. This indicates that the Solution package upgrade has failed.

To resolve: Click on the Nintex Workflow 2007 solution and from the toolbar click to deploy the solution. In most cases this resolves the error and the solution should be flagged as deployed. If not, you will need to reset IIS (start->run->iisreset) before clicking to deploy the solution. Resetting IIS resolves this issue as it releases all locks on the application files. After deploying manually, do an iisreset on each front end server.

5. With some updates a database update may be made (we will make you aware of these below). Go to "Central Administration -> Application Management ->Nintex Workflow -> Database Setup". If a database update is available it will be indicated in green with an option to "Update now" (a hyperlink).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive an error when attempting to access a Nintex Workflow administration page, ensure that the nintexworkflow2010.wsp solution package is deployed to the web application that represents SharePoint Central Administration. To do so, go to the Operations tab, and under Global Configuration click "Solution Management". Click the nintexworkflow2010.wsp link, click the "Deploy Solution" link and select the Central Administration web application from the drop-down. This web application is NOT INCLUDED when selecting the option "All content web applications" as part of the initial installation. An IISRESET should not be needed if this step is necessary.

6. When new workflow actions are available it is necessary to add these as allowed actions on your server. In "Central Administration -> Application Management ->Nintex Workflow -> Manage allowed actions" check to enable or disable actions as required.

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