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Sharepoint Search Counter- Perfmon

Search counterCounter definition
Document AdditionsThe number of add notifications.
Document Add RateThe number of document additions per second.
Document DeletesThe number of delete notifications.
Document Delete RateThe number of document deletions per second.
Document ModifiesThe number of modify notifications.
Document Modifies RateThe number of modify notifications per second.
Waiting DocumentsThe number of documents waiting to be processed.
Documents In ProgressThe number of documents in progress.
Documents On HoldThe number of documents on hold because a document with the same URL is currently in process.
Delayed DocumentsThe number of documents delayed due to site hit frequency rules.
URLs in HistoryThe number of files (URLs) in the history list.
Processed DocumentsThe number of documents processed since the history has been reset.
Processed Documents RateThe number of documents processed per second.
Status SuccessThe number of successfully filtered documents.
Success RateThe number of successfully filtered documents per second.
Status ErrorThe number of filtered documents which returned an error.
Error RateThe number of filtered documents which returned an error per second.
HTTP ErrorsThe number of HTTP errors received.
HTTP Errors RateThe number of HTTP errors received per second
File ErrorsThe number of file protocol errors received while getting documents.
File Errors RateThe number of file protocol errors received per second.
Accessed HTTPThe number of documents accessed via HTTP.
Accessed HTTP RateThe number of documents accessed via HTTP per second.
Accessed FilesThe number of documents accessed via file system.
Accessed File RateThe number of documents accessed via file system per second.
Filtered HTMLThe number of HTML documents filtered.
Filtered HTML RateThe number of HTML documents filtered per second.
Filtered OfficeThe number of office documents filtered.
Filtered Office RateThe number of office documents filtered per second.
Filtered TextThe number of text documents filtered.
Filtered Text RateThe number of text documents filtered per second.
Crawl In Progress FlagThe Crawl in Progress flag indicates if a crawl is currently in progress.
Gatherer Paused FlagThe Gatherer Paused flag indicates if the Gatherer has been paused.
Recovery In Progress FlagThe Recovery in Progress flag indicates if recovery is currently in progress.
Not ModifiedThe number of documents which were not filtered because no modification was detected since the last crawl.
Iterating History In Progress FlagThe Iterating History in Progress flag indicates if the Gatherer is currently iterating over the URL history.
Current Crawl is IncrementalThis indicates if the current crawl is an incremental crawl.
Filtering DocumentsThe number of documents currently being filtered.
Started DocumentsThe number of documents initiated into the Gatherer service. This includes the number of documents on hold, in the active queue, and currently filtered.
Notifications On HoldThe number of external notifications on hold until the notification crawl is completed.
RetriesThe total number of times a document access has been retried.
Retries RateThe number of retries per second.
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