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Steps by Steps guide on how to upgrade to SQL 2008 R2

Steps by Steps guide on how to upgrade to SQL 2008 R2.

1. Before upgrading to Microsoft SQL 2008 to SQL 2008 R2 run the Upgrade Advisor. Upgrade Analyzer is part SQL server 2008 R2 feature pack or you can download it from here

2. It will analyze following services

· Database Engine

· Analysis Services

· Reporting Services

· Integration Services

· Data Transformation Services

3. The analyzer will show the report. If there is any errors or some tasks that need to be completed before starting the upgrade, please follow the analyzer report and resolve it.

Upgrading to SQL 2008

1. Insert the SQL Server installation media, and from the root folder, double-click Setup.exe

2. Click on installation on the left pane. You will see below screen

3. Click on , Upgrade from SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, or SQL Server 2008.

4. You should see below screen once the Support Rules are success. If you see error please click on the link of the error message an resolve the issue before proceeding ahead.

5. Click on ‘OK’ button

6. Provide your Product Key in the Text box. See the image below.

7. Next, Accept the License Terms. Click Next

8. On the Next screen, Please ‘Install’

9. You might receive the message to restart the machine. Please click on OK and restart.

10. Next you will see below screen. Click Next

11. Next, specify the instances that you want to upgrade to. Select from the drop down box. Click Next

12. Select features from the box and click Next

13. On next screen verify your configuration. Click Next

14. Check that you have sufficient Free space on the drive

15. Provide the service account details. Recommended is that you use different account for each services

16. Select Authentication method, whether ‘Windows’ or ‘Mixed Mode’

17. On the error Reporting window Click Next.

18. The System Configuration Checker will run one more set of rules to validate your computer configuration with the SQL Server features that you have specified before the upgrade operation begins.

19. On the Rule Upgrade window, it will verify the upgrade requirement, please make sure that all the rules are ‘Passed’. Click Next.

20. Next on the ‘Ready to Upgrade’ window click Upgrade

21. Once the upgrade wizard complete, you will see below screen

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