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tic vs. yeti coolers – which one is better?

deciding on among rtic vs yeti isn’t smooth, as each manufacturers have loads to offer, so earlier than you make a decision it’s worth to compare both alternatives. we’ll announce our winner in a 2d, but earlier than we say which one would be our choice, let’s in short examine both ice chest lines. here we go.

actual space

right here’s a look at what you may expect as some distance as real “usable space.” those are without delay from the manufacturer’s site.

rtic 20 vs yeti roadie

the rtic 20 can preserve 24 cans or 25 pounds of ice, even as the roadie can maintain 16 cans or 20 kilos of ice. it’s 22 qt vs 20.8 qt.

rtic forty five vs yeti tundra 45

the rtic 45 can hold 36 cans or forty pounds of ice, even as the tundra forty five can preserve 28 cans or 34 kilos of ice. it’s forty five qt vs 37.6 qt.

rtic sixty five vs yeti tundra 65

the rtic sixty five can preserve 64 cans or 70 kilos of ice, even as the tundra sixty five can maintain forty two cans or fifty two kilos of ice. it’s 65 qt vs 57.2 quarts.

yeti vs rtic coolers – ice retention

in terms of yeti vs rtic ice retention, the numbers can be all around the vicinity. for one thing, situations depend as well as how the person using it will count number. as an example, taking a cooler on a tenting trip inside the hot sun will affect the ice retention time, as well as how the character packed the contents, in addition to how regularly it's far unfolded.

there is a huge distinction as a ways as ice retention times between a cooler staying close and simplest being opened once an afternoon, rather than being opened several instances at some stage in the day. again, there are numerous matters that component in to the real yeti vs rtic ice retention times.

the numbers you may see online from beyond customers will also vary, as some have said several days of frozen ice, with others reporting up to 2 weeks with frozen ice. in step with the yeti internet site, they make no claims of how long ice retention instances will last, also citing the conditions and user as variables on time.

then again, rtic claims on their internet site, ice retention times of up to 10 days. it’s really worth noting that the consumer above referred to it exceeding that time at a length of 14 days

whilst the numbers may also vary from cooler to cooler, situation to situation and man or woman to character, what you may anticipate is at the least a few days of ice, as long as you aren't careless in the use of the cooler.

rtic coolers vs yeti – and the winner is…

whilst you take a look at the two coolers side by side, they are very comparable in relation to construct, high-quality, and design. they're very close to to each different.

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